Sunday, November 17, 2013

Daily One Hour Studies 13/11/11 to 13/11/16

So this week's topic is my College Campus. Lately I've been stressing out over getting 7 paintings done a week, but due to time constraints, I have to skip a day or two every week. So, as a very Catholic Atheist, I think I'm going to issue a mandate where I must rest on Sunday. Or rather, get 6 paintings done a week instead of 7, using Sunday as my back up day for that one day I miss a painting.

 November 11th, 2013: SJSU Event Center

 November 12th, 2013: SJSU Music Building

 November 11th, 2013: SJSU Tower Hall

 November 11th, 2013: SJSU Tower Hall

 November 11th, 2013: SJSU Student Union

 November 11th, 2013: SJSU Fountain

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