Tuesday, August 27, 2013


So I played the game Passage by Jason Rohrer. Without reading the controls, I jumped right into the game and started playing. I knew you had to use the arrow keys to move around, and with window being one narrow screen, I assumed, at first, that you can only move left or right, with right obviously being the destination. As I moved forward, I received a wife, or girlfriend or whatever, who followed me wherever I went. From there, I assumed the game was some life progression thing where you watch your family grow as you yourself grow old. I was sort of right, but you'll see in the end. Feeling adventurous, I moved downward, and discovered that right was not the only direction. I decided to explore a bit a came across tables of stuff, I'm not sure what they do but when I come across them they delightfully exploded. I am not sure what they do but I just kept moving right, sometimes having to backtrack whenever I get stuck somewhere. The characters begin to age as they move rightward. Eventually, I noticed the female character suddenly died, becoming a tombstone. Then I knew my time was up and kept moving until I myself became a tombstone. That was the end of the game.

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